I watched the news tonight. It was the same fictional news cast from every dystopian novel you’ve ever read, except it was real life. A three ring bullshit circus which we are supposed to accept as normal. This is not the first time this has happened. And I suspect this is a sensation which will only increase as time goes on. It’s very tempting to assign this feeling to simply getting older but that’s just wishful thinking. I’ve been accused of being overly political but we’re not talking about the federal gains tax here. The issues we face today have and will continue to cost human lives, internationally and right here at home. I don’t even know what to say. I’ve rewritten this maybe five times now because on the one hand none of this is normal and on the other hand it really is and I’m not sure which is worse. I hope this current state of affairs comes to a conclusion and yet I know that the conclusion to matters of this scale will not be subtle or amiable. I want to tell everyone to stand up and fight and yet I cannot quite figure out the best way to go about it myself. And so the circus goes on.

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