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Earth is Fucked.

The water’s acid, the sky is green, and the air tastes like ass sweat and smog on a good day. The resources dried up long ago, which is why the Mars expedition was created. Hundreds of privateers, contractors, and corporations took to the stars to claim their fortune. Forty years later earth depends on the Mars colonies for everything from heavy ore to breathable air, and they know it.

But earth has one ace up it’s sleeve. Women. Mars has a severe shortage of women which keeps population growth to a minimum and Mars dependent upon earth for new influxes of workers. Which is what makes smuggling so damn profitable. Charge women for a ticket off the skuzzball called earth and charge Martian settlers for their delivery to their camp instead of a rival faction. The life of a smuggler is a good one. Unless some jerkass puts a hole in your ship.

What is Orbital Crush?

A top down 2d shooter with Real Time Strategery elements. You control Snag, a smuggler with a heart of gold, a good for nothing gun for hire, a profiteering scumbag, a freedom fighter, or some combination thereof depending on how you choose to play.

A bad day for Snag

A bad day for Snag

Alright, how do I play it?

The game is in it’s second phase of development right now. The basic systems are up and running but additional time and resources are needed to turn this collection of systems into the kickass game it can be. If you’d like to play it please head over to DarkSpace Games Patreon